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Celebrating a Year of Progress : Freshfind and The Scarborough/Courtyard Farmers’ Markets

This month, we are happy to celebrate one year of collaboration and the relaunching of online pre-ordering with home delivery for our second season!

Freshfind is proud to celebrate our first anniversary collaborating with the Courtyard and Scarborough Farmers’ Markets!

We welcome you to visit “The Show”, a limited-time indoor winter market being hosted by a collaborative market effort from our partners at Courtyard, Fairmount, Scarborough, and Oakridge from November 26th through to December 17th.



Pre-ordering will be available online through both Scarborough Farmers Market and Courtyard Farmers Market.


Celebrating our first year of partnership

It has been a fantastic year transitioning back to in-person activities with the weekly farmers’ market – where vendors, farmers, and artisans present their communities with incredible offerings of fresh produce, delicious pre-made foods, vitalizing creations, and a wide variety of unique works and services.

Together, through our partnerships with the markets, we have enabled online orders year-round, with local pickups available at the market during the warm season and deliveries available the rest of the year. Our online system also allows market guests to check for vendor and product updates as well as availability from the comforts of home.



We look forward to our continued collaboration as we relaunch online ordering and deliveries for a second season! The Courtyard and Scarborough Farmers’ Markets are one of the few GTA markets with an ongoing market experience, year round (on-site during the summer season, and online during the Autumn/Winter season)!

We celebrate and appreciate all that we have learned and continue to learn through our partnership 👯

We have made great strides in streamlining the Courtyard and Scarborough Farmers’ Markets, vendor on-boarding process to make it easy for our busy vendors to start sharing their farm-fresh produce and eclectic products with all our amazing customers!

We continue to grow our vendor, customer, and community partnerships by developing a collaborative marketing strategy. And together, we aim to showcase unique local vendors and their amazing products, while highlighting the excellent mission of our Farmers’ Market partners to introduce markets to suburban, racialized, communities that historically, are ignored by Farmers’ Market developers.



The impetus of both the Scarborough Farmers Market and the Courtyard Farmers Market is to develop vibrant markets in undervalued communities in the Greater Toronto area with a concentration in Scarborough, and we are grateful for the opportunity to work together towards this goal.

Together, we hope to support small, family-owned Ontario farms and local businesses managed by;

♡ People of color

♡ People with disability

♡ Women lead enterprises

♡ Entrepreneurs in career transition

♡ Philanthropic and social entrepreneurs


Working with the markets to establish their own unique curated market boxes, speaks to the diversity of vendors involved and how our markets try to meet the culturally appropriate, affordable meal options that are highly valued by our customers.


The uniquely curated Farmers’ Market produce boxes and artisanal boxes make it easy for you, and your family, to enjoy a diversity of seasonal, nutritious foods that are currently in-season and available at peak freshness!

We invite you to experience the ease of ordering online from Courtyard and Scarborough Farmers’ Markets with FreshFind!

Through our partnership, we aim to increase consumer choice and convenience year round! Ordering online through the markets is both easy and affordable! Visit, and/or to order by this Thursday for pick up/delivery this Sunday!

Also, please consider subscribing to the FreshFind Newsletter for news and updates regarding FreshFind and our work with the Courtyard and Scarborough Farmers’ Market Family!

Thank you ☀️

Written by Shelby Ndongwa

I am a Second Year Student at the University of Toronto pursuing a double Major in Human Biology and Neuroscience. My hobby is reading novels and I have a passion for trying new things and reaching out of my comfort zone.

P.S - I have been working with FreshFind for 6 months and it's awesome here! :)

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