Scarborough & Courtyard Farmers’ Markets

Scarborough Farmers' Market

The Scarborough Farmer’s Market was founded in 2018 with the primary goal of providing a service to underserved GTA communities. The market offers access to vendors who sell fresh fruits, vegetables, delicious meals, and lifestyle products that are nutrient-dense, fairly priced, and culturally diverse. By shopping at the Scarborough Farmer’s Market, you can help support local farmers, women in business, and ethnocultural enterprises! Visit their location at Rosebank Park on Tuesday afternoons from 3:30pm to 7:30pm up until October 4, or at Oakridge Park on Thursday afternoons from 3:30pm to 6:00pm.

Courtyard Farmers' Market

The Courtyard Farmers’ market, created in 2019, was launched in consort with Great West Life Realty Advisors as a Workplace Wellness initiative. Alongside the Scarborough Farmers’ Market, Courtyard collaborates with Feeding the City, an urban research laboratory at University of Toronto Scarborough studying alternative food systems. Drop by the Courtyard Farmers’ Market to enjoy cool tunes, and amazing produce, pastries and preserves from diverse area artisans and local, Ontario farms! They’re open at Fairmount Park, 1725 Gerrard Street East, every Wednesday from 3:30pm to 7:30pm until October 5.


We launched FreshFind in 2020 as a response to Covid-19, which crippled local Ontario farmers and homemade producers. As a platform that connects local producers and farmers with buyers, we have a shared history with both the Courtyard Farmers’ Market and Scarborough Farmers’ Market. What started as a small and growing platform for farmers and local artisans has sprung into a wide network for buyers to place contactless orders, connect with vendors, and pick up amazing treats and delights! 

At FreshFind, we’re very excited to continue and expand our partnership with both the Scarborough Farmers’ Market and the Courtyard Farmers’ Market. Through our platform, you’ll be able to talk to vendors from a variety of markets directly before you visit. This allows you to freely shop around, get access to unique products and goods, and drop by the markets for a scheduled pick-up. 

So don’t wait — Order online to pick-up at your neighbourhood Farmers’ Market, Courtyard, Fairmount Park, Scarborough, Rosebank and Oakridge Parks, during market hours, to October 2022! 🚜

Vendor Feature: Samosa Delight

Looking for the legendary crispy samosa of a lifetime? 

Crafted and perfected by skilled and ambitious mother of four, Asha, Samosa Delight was first known as “Wiif” a lively Somali restaurant in the heart of Weston Rd. After Covid-19 struck, Wiif became yet another casualty in the restaurant game. Now, Asha’s magic is carried on by her daughters, Yasmin and Nina, who ensure the legacy of the unofficial “Samosa Lady of Weston” lives on at the Scarborough Farmers’ Market through FreshFind. Check out their savoury samosas, now available for order and pickup exclusively online, and browse their samosa menu packs over at FreshFind!

Written by Akil Huang

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