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How to Eat Healthy this Winter, 5 Popular Winter Vegetables you Should not Miss!

Eat locally stay healthy

If you had a good time at the local markets in the summer, don’t let the winter chill spoil your passion. There still will be a large bucket of winter vegetable diving into your healthy life while blooming your taste buds.

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When rambling in the grocery store, do you linger in the fresh produce section or have most of your money stolen by meat products? Interesting statistics show that over 31.5% of Canadians consume fruits & vegetables more than 5 times per day, and 21.5% are eating more fruits & vegetables than before.

Here’s a popular winter vegetable kit that keeps you fresh and healthy. If you are a vegetable enthusiast, come and take it!

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1. Winter Squash

Winter squash is one of the favorite categories that contains a variety of choices, such as pumpkin, butternut, and kabocha. It brings incredibly diverse flavors to your table, whether you roast, bake, or make soups.

Tips to pick and keep fresh:
Avoid squash that has cuts, nicks, gouges, or soft places. Check that there is no mold on the winter squash’s tough skin. If chopped, store the winter squash in the refrigerator; otherwise, store it whole for several weeks in a cold place on a bed of newspaper.

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2. Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are grown everywhere in a cool temperate climate, so it couldn’t be better to have them with you in the winter as frosts sweeten them up. Ideally, it is worth trying to mix these little sweeties with bacon and pancetta, cream, cheese, apples, lemon, chestnuts, and thyme, as you will get abundant vitamins and plenty of healthy fiber.

Tips to pick and keep fresh:
The smaller, the better. The best sprouts are those that are still attached to the stalk. Also, you’d better use them the same day you buy them or keep them in the fridge in a closed plastic bag for no more than a week, or they will turn bitter soon.


3. Parsnips

After the temperature drops, parsnips become sweeter in flavor, and winter is the best time for harvesting. They are exceptionally nutritious and versatile and are most often used for steaming, boiling, or in soups and stews.

Tips to pick and keep fresh
Make sure the roots are solid and free from pitting. Nice perfume and the absence of new growth on the green tops are indicators of freshness.Parsnips can be kept for several weeks in the refrigerator if they are wrapped in dry paper towels and placed in a plastic bag without being washed.


4. Kale

Modern kale is descended from the wild cabbages of southern Europe and is now produced all over the world. Sweetened by frosts, its leaves tasted chewy and had a slightly bitter, cabbagey flavor.

Tips to pick and keep fresh:
Freshly harvested kale should be as free of brown stains and yellowed leaves as possible. Keep in mind that the leaves may soon turn yellow if you keep them with any fruits that release ethylene gas, such as apples.


5. Broccoli

With a rich source of vitamins, you may feel that broccoli seems always waiting for your favor year-round, but its best flavor comes from fall through winter and spring. Partnering with its best pairings like bacon, anchovies, cheese, or pesto, either eaten raw or cooked, will please your fastidious tongue.

Tips to pick and keep fresh:
Choose broccoli with tight heads and avoid yellow flowers. If the cut ends look dry and spilled, that’s a sign of unhealthy. The best way to store it is to put it in a plastic bag and keep it in the refrigerator, which helps keep it fresh for 3-4 days.


Photo Credit:gabriella-clare-marino/Unsplash

Buying Local

Buying local can always be the easiest and healthiest way to enjoy fresh produce. It means that you have a much better chance of avoiding disappointment by the unfortunate overripe, rotten, or completely lacking in freshness. As an online marketplace for local vendors of all kinds, FreshFind helps them make their goods more accessible to meet customers’ needs and wants while nourishing their minds, body, and soul.

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