Toronto’s Diverse Food Scene

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The Unique GTA
One of the most enjoyable aspects of residing in Canada is its diversity in all areas: people, food, environments, and more. Specifically, regions like the Greater Toronto Area is one that is known for their rich and diverse culture. Many would agree that one of the most prominent features of Toronto’s culture is its unique food scene. Similar to other Canadian metropolitan cities like Vancouver, British Columbia, Toronto boasts certain districts like Chinatown, Little Italy, and Koreatown, which are dedicated to celebrating different cultures.

Historic Chinatown
Living in Toronto means that many areas are thankfully made accessible through the TTC. To access Toronto’s well-known Chinatown, visitors can exit the St. Patrick subway station and take the 505 streetcar (The Toronto Convention and Visitors and Association, 2022). This heritage area offers many traditional types of food from countries such as Japan, China, Thailand, and Vietnam. Visitors can even book guided food tours that will allow you to sample the many delicious dishes, all within one trip.

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The District of Little Italy
Only a 9-minute drive away, you can find another treasured area called Little Italy. Not only is Little Italy home to classic Italian cuisine, but it also offers food from other areas across the globe. Some of the unique eats that can be found here include traditional dim sum, home-style Italian dishes, classic breakfasts, Korean-French fusion, and fascinating cocktails at the various bars scattered across the district.

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Hidden Gems in Koreatown
Lastly, Koreatown features a cultural ensemble of not only Korean dishes, but also Korean stationery, clothing, and cosmetic products. Developed in the 1970s, the district grew popular during the spike of Korean immigrants settling in Toronto; it has since been a prevalent heritage spot. This is the perfect district to dine on traditional eats like Korean BBQ, bibimbap, and tofu soup. To access Koreatown through the subway, simply take the Line 2 Bloor-Danforth subway and exit at Christie Station.

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Overall, the Greater Toronto Area is an excellent destination to explore both ethnic foods and cultures from all around the world. For those looking for another accessible option to try new foods, our marketplace provides you with the opportunity to share your culture and experience other ones. You can browse through items and filter your search using categories like “World Cuisine” to explore foods from across the globe. Some of my favourite international picks include momo, kimchi, laksa, and mochi, all homemade by local vendors. Whether you’re currently living in the region, or you’re simply visiting, you’re bound to enjoy Toronto’s unique tastes from around the world.

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