Satisfying cravings without the guilt

A conversation with Joycelyn, the creator behind Healthy Alternatives


Joycelyn reached out to FreshFind with her signature mix of careful optimism and enthusiasm.

This past year, she has launched a new company called Healthy Alternatives in midtown Toronto. With a sweet name like that, the FreshFind team decided to meet with Joycelyn to learn more.

Living Plant-Based for 20 years

Joycelyn’s new venture has deep roots within her own life. She speaks about her 20-year Plant-Based journey – one that began from trying to eliminate various foods from her diet.

She says the biggest challenge, in the beginning, was preparing meals that would fulfill her daily nutrients and also finding a replacement for her love of chocolates. While researching nutritious Plant-Based ingredients, she started discovering various nut butters such as hazelnut.


Filling her own cravings

Soon she began making her own nut butters and found that by adding melted chocolate and cocoa powder to her hazelnut butter, she could make some amazing healthy Plant-Based creations that would satisfy her chocolate fix.

Hence her signature brownie bar was born.


Creating for her 7-year-old self

Now as an artisan, Joycelyn loves discovering various Plant-Based ingredients to make delicious and decadent sweets. Her belief is that sweets are meant to be enjoyed fully and guilt-free.

She says that she creates everything with her 7-year-old self in mind.

Her brownies use organic hazelnuts and maple syrup, and they are vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and palm-oil free.



She also makes her own hazelnut & chocolate spread that gives more flexibility to get creative on satisfying your sweet tooth. She recommends putting the spread on rice cakes with some fruits on top, but the sky is the limit with this one. Just like the brownies, the spread is also made with all organic ingredients and is vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and palm-oil free.


Try it for yourself

She continues to serve customers around Toronto with her first two products and has plans to expand her offerings in the future. She says her hopes are to continue creating healthy Plant-Based sweets that are better for both our health and the planet.

We can’t wait to share, follow and support Joycelyn’s journey. Her offerings are available for purchase on freshfind so go ahead and experience it for yourself.



Written by James Jun

A Korean-American living in Little Italy of Toronto. Yoga teacher and learner of all things health and wellness. Co-founder of FreshFind - sharing amazing, small-batch products from local artisans of the GTA.

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