The Benefits of Buying Local

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Why Local?
“Support local businesses.” You’ve most likely heard this phrase a number of times. It seems like everyone pushes the significance of purchasing goods and services from those within your community, but we don’t often discuss why this practice is so crucial. Thankfully, amongst young Canadians, there seems to be more of an emphasis on buying goods from local companies today.

Sustaining the Local Economy
There are many benefits to supporting businesses within your community. Of all of the reasons to opt for this (rather than buying from larger companies), the most obvious one may be to help sustain your local economy. It’s no secret that keeping wealth in your neighbourhood benefits all individuals within your community. Especially when certain areas are rich in a specific resource — to grow certain fruits or vegetables, for instance — it’s valuable to leverage this and re-invest in the community’s development.

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Considering Quality over Quantity
Secondly, local businesses are much more known to uphold a certain level of quality regarding the production of their products. Small business owners largely focus on providing quality, rather than quantity, to their customers. On the other hand, products purchased from larger companies are less likely to prioritize this same extent of freshness and care. On our market, we’re thrilled to see hundreds of handmade and locally-grown artisan goods being offered each day. Buying products from local vendors is another great way to experience unique, cultural foods and items you would never be exposed to otherwise.

Reducing Waste
From an environmental perspective, buying goods from local companies is another great method to support the eco-friendly movement. It’s an unfortunate reality that large corporations contribute to a significant amount of waste, and it’s not a discussion that is often prioritized. When produce and other goods are imported from another area, this evidently requires the help of shipping through vehicles like airplanes, boats, or trucks. Additionally, products sold by corporations often contain excessive packaging, contributing to unnecessary waste. Buying from community businesses provides the perfect opportunity to employ reusable bags and containers for your items.

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Although buying your products and services from local companies isn’t always the most convenient option there is, it sure pays off to support your community. It’s a crucial step in pushing its growth, both financially and socially. Further, you’ll have the opportunity to try new products, as well as limit negative environmental impacts, while doing so. So next time you’re thinking of purchasing a smaller good, consider looking into farmers’ markets or local marketplaces like FreshFind; you might just discover your new favourite (community) vendor!

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Written by James Jun

A Korean-American living in Little Italy of Toronto. Yoga teacher and learner of all things health and wellness. Co-founder of FreshFind - sharing amazing, small-batch products from local artisans of the GTA.

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