Anabolic Eats


What is Anabolic?

The Term Anabolism refers to the metabolic pathways that build larger molecules from smaller ones. These reactions necessitate energy, which is referred to as an endergonic process. Anabolism is the metabolic process that builds up, whereas catabolism is the metabolic process that breaks down.

Why Anabolic Eats?

Anabolic Eats was founded in 2020 and is owned by two ambitious brothers, Andres and Alejandro Rivas. Anabolic Eats was formed to create art that tastes amazing but also makes you feel amazing. Anabolic Eats Food and wellness are two ways that I communicate with people. They are looking for ways to communicate with a world that requires more anthropocentric, empathetic, and sustainable values. A smart place to start could be with foods that nourish your mind and spirit as well as your stomach.

How do we Start?

  • Most of Anabolic Eats’ ingredients come from different farms across Ontario
  • The majorities of our packaging are compostable.
  • All compostable ingredients will end up in the compost soil pile, which we then use when growing spring/summer/fall/ and winter vegetables.
  • The recipes are in synchrony with the season and the dishes will share ingredients that minimize waste.
  • On top of all, we do the best in our capacities to avoid used paper (No business cards, no flyers, no recipe papers)


Anabolic eats have a seasonal collection that is dedicated to telling a tale through themes. Anabolic eats have signature names for their dishes. Sourdough Bread is a signature bread used to create its meals. It is produced in different sizes, weights, and shapes.


Anabolic Eats also specializes in its very own “Magical nights of pizza” which is devoted to expressing culture, season, experiences, and stories of people through the food that now has no frontiers. It is UNIVERSAL.

  • La Classica (Pizza) Our Sourdough Pizza Classica brings out a simple concept and the most traditional concept of pizza ever known.
  • Wild Forest (Pizza) This pizza is to showcase the beauty of Canadian WILD mushrooms must of them are found and grow through dead trees.
  • Anabolic French Toast (This is Sourdough (ANABOLIC) French toast. They have all the benefits of our amazing sourdough bread. Also, they are loaded with protein, fiber, probiotics, carbohydrates, and nutritional fat)


At FreshFind, we’re very excited to continue and expand our partnership with both the Scarborough Farmers’ Market and the Courtyard Farmers’ Market. Also excited to continue and expand our partnership with many different vendors. Through our platform, you can directly order Anabolic eats. You’ll be able to talk to vendors from a variety of markets directly before your visit. This allows you to freely shop around, get access to unique products and goods, and drop by the markets for a scheduled pick-up.

Scarborough Farmers’ Market

The market provides access to vendors who sell fresh fruits and vegetables, great meals, and nutrient-dense, reasonably priced, and culturally diversified lifestyle products. Through Scarborough Farmer’s Market, you can purchase Anabolic Eats products through its site.


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