Brewery Spotlight: Blood Brothers Brewing

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Founded in 2015, Blood Brothers Brewing has made big waves and garnered high esteem in Toronto’s craft beer scene in the relatively short time they’ve had their doors open, and for good reason. Blood Brothers exemplifies the spirit of the craft beer boom in Toronto, having released hundreds of distinct and inventive brews that represent dozens of various beer styles.

They’ve continued to push the envelope during their tenure by utilizing a great variety of eclectic ingredients and innovative methods that intrigue and amuse their enthusiastic patrons, beckoning them back to their Brewpub & Taproom time and again to discover what new creations are on offer.

Blood Brothers also routinely brews beers in collaboration with other Toronto businesses. Their line of BALAM Imperial Stouts are infused with rich and lively coffees from local roasters such as Propeller, Hale, and Sam James, demonstrating their commitment to celebrating the talent of the local community.

However, just as any great innovator throughout history, Blood Brothers draws inspiration from a deep respect for tradition, producing high quality familiar favourites such as lagers, pilseners, and pale ales.


What’s on tap and in the shop?

Shumei: IPA

Blood Brothers’ go-to IPA, Shumei comes in at a respectable 7% ABV. Highly aromatic, brimming with flavour, and offering complex tasting notes of mango and stone fruits, this smooth-drinking beer is a real crowd-pleaser, sure to pique the interest even of those normally weary of the intensity of an IPA.


Black Hand: American Stout

Their flagship stout, this full-bodied and malty beer delivers layers of rich espresso and chocolate flavours. It stands out as the perfect hearty brew on a cold winter’s day.


Paradise Lost – Blood Orange Pomegranate Mimosa: Sour Ale

Blood Brothers’ Paradise Lost line offers a variety of inventive flavours, but perhaps none as intriguing as the Blood Orange Pomegranate Mimosa. This complex and refreshing beer offers a reminiscence of the perfect pairing to brunches past, all while also delivering an experience that is simultaneously provocative and unfamiliar, in the best kind of way.


Guilty Remnant: White stout w/ coffee, vanilla & Lactose

As any beer aficionado may know, pulling off a white stout – let alone one that is perfectly balanced and smooth – is no simple task. But that is exactly what Blood Brothers have done with Guilty Remnant. At first glance it may prompt a bit of a pause, stouts are meant to be a dark, almost black, style of beer, right? Well, this stout will challenge your perception of appearances and tastes with its bold and creamy, yet exceptionally nuanced, flavour profile.


Autopop – Cherry Cola: Session Sour w/ Cherry Cola

This unique beer evokes the nostalgia of the classic diner mainstay and childhood delight embodied in cherry cola. Meticulously crafted through reverse engineering the classic cola recipe and fermenting it on sweet cherries makes it a real feat of ingenuity and at a nice and light 4% ABV, all amounts to a playful and refreshing easy-drinking beer.


For a full list of everything currently on offer check out the Blood Brothers website!

Blood Brothers Brewing is located at 165 Geary Ave in Toronto and they’re Open every day of the week!

Bottle Shop Hours:

11am – 11pm

Tap Room Hours:

12pm – 11pm

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