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What is Inhëyl candle?

If there’s one thing true about home décor, it’s the appreciation for a beautifully designed scented candle. There is something magical and soothing about how a candle’s aroma can emanate through a room. But not all candles are created equally. It is an intimate internet candle business run by a Black woman in the heart of Toronto, Canada.


They strive to bring harmony to your location while remaining attentive of their surroundings. One of shop.inhelycandleco latest collection includes the “Sweet obsidian”. The candle gives its rich, warm, and inviting smell mixed with unique fragrance will have you wanting to light it again and again. The product increases mental function while improving concentration and relaxing scent and we at FreshFind advocate for things that are beneficial to and helpful to our clients.

Types of Candles

  1. Flow candles – Flow is a powerful spice scent with clove and cinnamon undertones, warm wood notes, and a sweet tobacco flavour.
  2.  Spa candles – soft sage and calming French lavender complement the exotic eucalyptus smells.
  3. Soul candles – A deeply sensual yet inviting scent of woody, rich, spicy, and warm earth with a hint of citrus and floral notes.
  4. Calm candles – A relaxing citrus with cardamon spice into the roots of ‘holy wood,’ caramelized sugar, and amber notes.

FreshFind & Inheylcandleco

Inhëyl candle co. has a partnership with Freshfind, which gives customers access to shop on the Freshfind site. They offer delivery and pickup orders.

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