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6 Popular Ways to Spark your Christmas Using Flowers and Plants

Christmas flora for decoration and market to go

No matter what plans you have for this thrilling season, decorating some adorable flowers in your home could spark your lovely days ahead. It’s not only their colorful look that makes your room lively but also their refreshing fragrance that turns a dreary winter day into a charming one.

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When it comes to the winter season, our hearts beat faster in anticipating the countdown to Christmas, signs of joy, and blessings for the new. There is no other time when the entire family enjoys themselves while celebrating something together. Find popular flora and markets to visit below, along with our early greetings celebrating this marvelous time.


Enjoy Flower Market for Christmas Décor
Find you some good places to go

Valleyview Gardens
Open Hours:  Monday thru Sunday 8am- 5pm
Address: Valleyview Gardens 8636 Reesor Road, Markham, ON L6B 1A6
Vandermeer Nursery
Open Hours: Weekday: 8am-8pm, Weekend: 8am- 6pm, December 27th to 31st: 9am-6pm
Address: 588 Lake Ridge Road South, Ajax, Ontario L1Z 1X3
Kennedy Greenhouses
Open Hours: Please check the latest on the site
Address: Kennedy Greenhouses 11574 Kennedy Rd Markham, Ontario L6C 1P3
Anga’s Farm & Nursery
Open Hours: weekday:9am-6pm, Sunday:9am-5pm
Address:89 Bankfield Drive Etobicoke, ON M9V 2R2
Down2Earth Garden Center
Open Hours: Weekday: 9am-5pm, Weekend: 9am-4pm
Address:158 Parklawn Road, Etobicoke, Ontario, M8Y 3H8


Popular Christmas Flowers & Plants
A spotlight for your holiday spirit


1. Poinsettia
You can now almost find it everywhere in the market or retail stores, it must be one of the most traditional flowers that symbolize the holiday season. With green leaves decorated with deep dark red petals, doesn’t that bring you a kind of Christmas spirit that is never absent?

2. Orchid
If you enjoy a calm and natural tone in your room, orchids are an elegant choice you won’t miss. White brings you a holly sense, pink is adorable, and red stands for your warm heart. Whatever colors you pick, you will have them in company with you the whole winter or even year-round.

3. Mistletoe
Singles and young couples won’t miss a chance to get a bit of luck and romance, so it’s time for mistletoe! Make a Christmas wreath and add it to your festive front door, or hang it over the hall when having a party, then enjoy the rest of your time.

4. Cyclamen
Cyclamen’s brilliant, velvety petals make it a stunning winter accent with an inherently cozy feel. The mix of red and green colors won’t be a mistake anywhere during the holiday season.

5. Norfolk Island pine
These cute little pine trees can be used as indoor tabletop Christmas trees if you don’t have enough room for a big one. It can as well bring real holiday warmth into homes. If you like, decorate them with red ribbons and little decorations, and your room will be as fancy as you can imagine.

6. Paperwhites
The snowy white with a spot of bright yellow, along with its refreshing fragrance, makes it a lively indoor flower during the winter. It takes them four to six weeks from planting to blooming, so start now to have a bloom for Christmas.


You’ll never feel bored during this holiday season when getting your feet into the festival markets and shows while enjoying finding your friends, families, or yourself something you both love made by locals at FreshFind.

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