Fresh Finds to Level Up Your Décor Game!

House decor is the best way to lighten up your spaces, create comfort, and to reveal your personality through how you choose to design your environment!

Decorating can be expensive and often stressful to decide what atmosphere each room should elicit, what artwork or plants to display, and more. However, there are a ton of Fresh Finds that are local, inexpensive or that can be crafted yourself to take your space from bland to grand! Here is one of the trendiest, local, and most captivating finds that are guaranteed to liven up your home and level up your decorating game!


Pampas Grass is a great decorative addition to add to any space. This simple yet eloquent-looking plant, takes no care and brightens up any room. Pampas Grass is trending with its earthy and warm boho-inspired nature. The Pampas range in size, width and colour, allowing for the decorator to envision thousands of ways to display it around their homes, office or spaces.  There are endless ways to decorate with this Fresh Find – you can keep it simple, intensify neutral colours, add a dark touch, splash your space with colour, create a wall display and so much more!

Keep it local with your Pampas Purchases: CIJI MARIE BLOOMS is based out of Hamilton, Ontario. The shop is developed and owned by two women who love to share their style, design, and floral tips! The two local Hamiltonian women design their own vases and sell their favorite Pampas finds online and in Hamilton and surrounding areas. Visit the local shop in Hamilton or their online site, where they regularly update and share beautiful arrangements.  This local find is home to some of the most beautiful and colorful dried pampas home décor choices.

Written by Kylen Simms

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