Merry Christmas From FreshFind

‘Tis The Season to Kick Back, Relax, and Recharge

As Christmas is arriving and the ensuing holiday season upon us, it’s always important to take some much-needed time for self-care and reflection and step away from some of the hectic stresses and everyday demands. There is no shortage of ways to achieve this. After all, it’s a beautiful time of year in the city, when there is seemingly so much warmth despite the biting winter cold.

As cliché as it sounds, sometimes it really is important to stop and smell the roses (or in this case, perhaps poinsettias) and allow yourself some peace or the time to indulge in whatever brings you the most joy. Life can often ask a lot of you, sometimes taking its toll, making the good moments all the more important to cherish.

So, this holiday season be sure to do whatever it is that helps you step back and decompress.


Curl up with a good book or catch up with friends.

Go for a winter walk around many of Toronto’s trails, lovely this time of year.

Maybe try that new bar or restaurant you been wanting to go to for ages but just haven’t quite had the time yet.

Or better still, cook something delicious and adventurous at home.


Whatever it may be, enjoy yourself, stay safe, and be well!


Merry Christmas from FreshFind!

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